5D Theatre Company markets new plays for festivals, small scale theatre and tours.  At present we are concentrating on one to three hand plays.

Two successful years performing William House's plays - 'Merry-go-round' in Shaftesbury, Dorset and Brighton Festival, and 'The Elevator Man' at the Brighton Festival.  The latter play is now a fully revised, full length play which evolved from last year's monologue. 

A new play called 'Spreading Her Thinly' by Tracy Forsythe, was performed in June 2007 for The Gallery Theatre, Tunbridge Wells.  This was then performed to great succes at The Brighton Festival 2008 (Jooglebury Theatre) produced by 5D in association with Whose Shoes Productions.

In 2009, 5D is working on marketing two new plays for small scale theatres in the UK.

In 2010, 5D produced a comedy sketch show called 'Out and About in Brighton', written and devised by Valerie Dent and Tim Burness with guest comedy actor Bob Sinfield. Performed at 'The Sanctuary' during The Brighton Festival. Great Fun!

2014 - processing funding for a new play.

We are always interested in new submissions from writers. The company is run both ethically and professionally to a very high standard.

5D Theatre is currently seeking British and European funding.


Businesses or individuals interested in funding this new theatre company or booking plays, please contact info@5dtheatrecompany.co.uk

For further information on 5D Theatre Company or to book a play or workshop, please ring 07931 481844.

The Elevator Man (monologue)

A one woman play about a 40 something woman who is preparing for a date with a man she met in an elevator. Very absurd and quite comical in it's writing. Angela is frantically trying on clothes for her date as she does this she assumes different characters such as her mother, friend, elevator man, waitress who all comment on how the date will go. William House, the writer, explores the passing of time again as the clock ticks nearer to her date arriving. Runs for 35 minutes.

The Elevator Man (full length play)

Missed the hilarious 2006 Fringe debut of this one-woman play? Now a full length comedy with The Elevator Man himself - hapless dreamer meets dream woman! Ships pass in the night!


Brighton Festival 2007 - Marlborough Theatre

The Elevator Man(full length play)

'If you have ever wondered what it would be like if someone witnessed your solitary actions in front of a mirror, then you'll appreciate a lot of this cringe-inducing, but finely observed exploration of private behaviour.  Valerie Dent and Mike Knapp give energetic and comic performances.'

Three Weeks (Edinburgh Fringe Magazine) 2007

Brighton Festival 2006 - Marlborough Theatre

The Elevator Man (monologue)

'In this one woman show, company founder, Valerie Dent, totally makes the play her own, to make a night of exciting, innovative theatre; well written, well acted and well worth your attention.

Three Weeks (Edinburgh Fringe Magazine) 2006

'The Elevator Man is a monologue about Angela as she prepares for a date with Elevator man. It’s broken into inner thoughts and dialogue between Angela and other characters. Valerie Dent plays all parts – with energy and flair – giving each its own voice and gestures.

Spreading Her Thinly

“When did having it all, become must be doing it all?”

In the school playground, the battle lines are drawn.  Who is the best kind of mother?  Is it Nuala who stays at home to look after her two children but craves outside fulfilment?  Or could it be Jenny, who works in a high pressured job providing for her family and yet feels guilty about everything? 

And who exactly is the enemy?  The dismissive Head Teacher?  The condescending Ballet Mistress?  The client from hell?  Or themselves?  

Will they ever get the balance right and the support they desperately need?   And will they ever be good enough? 

A wry and insightful look at the increasing demands of modern womanhood.

Two female play with a running time of 50 mins.